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This article is in response to an E-Mail I received and it once again reflects the inhumanity in some individuals but also makes us aware of the great kindness shown by dog lovers who open their hearts to such depravity. God bless them all.

The poem I have written on behalf of this dog was an immediate response to my feelings as I read the E-Mail and given time I know it could be better but time was not on my side as I felt compelled to write my immediate thoughts.


This is the E-Mail I received

Hi Ruth
This is the newspaper article that I seen and was shocked about, we could not believe it, as soon as we read the paper, we made enquires with the sanctuary where he is, and took some bedding and a sack of food for him, they allowed us to see him and we was both horrified by what we seen, we have left our details with the sanctuary , and let them know we are more than happy to re home him, I have also made Rottweilers in need aware.  I believe Angela Lawton has been at Darlington today and collected for him, and has also said you would put this on your web page.  if any one wishes to make a donation they can send them to,

Animals in distress
55 silver street
M44 6HT

Tel no 0161 775 2221
We have dealing with Jay Brown at the sanctuary

Many Thanks
Louise and Mark Graham



You shared my life and gave me pain
You were so cruel and quite insane
How could you do these things to me
And make my life a misery

So full of sores and thin as well
You made my life a living Hell
Left in a field to rot and die
You did not listen and hear me cry

I am so weak and at deaths door
I cannot take this anymore
My breath is laboured and it's hard to sigh
Just lay me down and let me die

God grant you peace for what you've done
And when your known you'd better run
A knock at the door will tell you why
And nobody will listen when they hear you cry

E.Nicol Sept 08